We trust the choices that our team makes for you, and for this reason we offer a longer guarantee period when hiring a babysitter, housekeeper or oldsitter: between 6 and 12 months, depending on the package you selected.

Ileana Dobre offers recruiting services for the following activities:

> Babysitting
(children supervision, babysitter, nanny, educator)

> After-School Activities
(educator, teacher)

> Occasional Babysitting

> Intern Babysitter
(children supervision, babysitter, nanny, educator)

> Housekeeping
(house cleaning, housekeeper, cooking)

> Intern Housekeeper
(house cleaning, cooking)

> Housekeeper in Baneasa
(house cleaning, housekeeping, cooking)

> Old Sitting
(ill people or disabled people supervision)

> Pet Sitting
(pets supervision) 

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Housekeeper in Baneasa, Bucharest

The requests for housekeeper in Baneasa, Pipera or other surroundings of Bucharest, have lately grown a lot and this made us collaborate constantly with the families from these areas.

These areas are a bit hard to reach because the means of transportation are pretty scarce.

The housekeeper in Baneasa can work as extern, 2 or 3 days a week, when she would only clean the house, iron the clothes and set up things inside the house. Or she can work full time, from monday to friday, having all the cleaning and organising the house responsability on her own. If needed you can demand for a housekeeper during the weekends.

A housekeeper in Baneasa will make your life easier

The housekeeper will do the house cleaning, washing and ironing and at your request even cooking. Some of the housemaids will serve the meal when you have visitors. The qualities we want to find in a housekeeper in Baneasa are: healthy and stark persons, with a sense for cleanness, methodical and most of all emotionally balanced persons. Many of the housekeepers have we have enlisted have worked for families full-time or occasionally.

A housekeeper for Baneasa can also work as intern. She would take care of the house cleaning and supervising. It’s a good thing that you have someone constantly taking care of your house.

A housekeeper in Baneasa can supervise your children

Sometimes a housekeeper can be a good company for your children without being an educator for them. She can supervise them and make sure they have their meals on time.

A housekeeper that we suggest for you is respectful, discreet, methodical, well organised, she knows to listen to your needs, and at the same time she can have her own initiative without overstepping her responsibilities.

Beside housekeeping in Bucharest, Ileana Dobre Agency offers services for petsittingold sitting or babysitting in Bucharest!

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