We trust the choices that our team makes for you, and for this reason we offer a longer guarantee period when hiring a babysitter, housekeeper or oldsitter: between 6 and 12 months, depending on the package you selected.

Ileana Dobre offers recruiting services for the following activities:

> Babysitting
(children supervision, babysitter, nanny, educator)

> After-School Activities
(educator, teacher)

> Occasional Babysitting

> Intern Babysitter
(children supervision, babysitter, nanny, educator)

> Housekeeping
(house cleaning, housekeeper, cooking)

> Intern Housekeeper
(house cleaning, cooking)

> Housekeeper in Baneasa
(house cleaning, housekeeping, cooking)

> Old Sitting
(ill people or disabled people supervision)

> Pet Sitting
(pets supervision) 

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Intern Housekeeper in Bucharest

Taking care of kids may be difficult and exhausting, even if you are a new mom or you already have two or three children.

We play with our kids, we take care of them, we enjoy every new thing they do but at the same time we try to maintain our habits, keep in touch with our friends and above all we cannot give up our job. For these reasons, many moms think about hiring a babysitter in Bucharest to help them cope with all these activities.

Our child creates a new universe, he or she changes our life every single day. But for us to be able to cope with all the daily responsibilities, a new person has to become part of our child’s universe, no matter the name: baby sitter, nanny, intern baby sitter or educator.

If we are not able to cope with a restless life, with a very busy schedule or the means of transportation are hard to find where we live, we need to hire a babysitter.

We are a handy agency for your needs. We constantly recruit staff for intern baby sitter for Bucharest and the surroundings (Pipera, Baneasa, Voluntari, Dobroesti, Chitila, Mogosoaia, etc), because the request for baby sitter is permanent.

Our experience helps us understand what type of personality a family looks for to see in person that they hire as an intern baby sitter.

The candidates that we can suggest to the families, have a strong experience as a baby sitter and they know when and how to involve in supervising and taking care of the child (including cooking, clothes washing and ironing, or keeping clean the baby’s room, if the parents demand it), or other activities that are explicitly demanded and if the baby sitter agrees to do them.

Intern Housekeeper in Bucharest: experienced staff

There are some compulsory qualities that we look for to see when selecting staff for the baby sitter job: moral integrity, responsibility, flexibility, patience, self-awareness, stress resistance. It is mandatory for a babysitter to have a positive attitude and to be able to respect the rules.

We select the baby sitter according to the age of the child. For babies, we choose persons that are well organized, with patience and a good soul. For children that are grown up, we recommend persons who have teaching education, that might be a teacher as well for the kids, accompanying them in educational walks, to the theatre or museums, or any other extra curricula activities. Some other families need a babysitter that agree to do the housework too, while the children are at the kindergarten or at school.

The persons who can work as intern babysitters live in Bucharest or other regions of the country. They don’t have great responsibilities at home, being able to choose this type of job.

The days off that a babysitter is offered varies depending on your needs. Usually 2 weekends per month or other days during the week that will be established between you and the respective nanny.

Intern Housekeeper in Bucharest: 6 months guarantee

Our agency offers the longest guarantee period of contract, 6 or 12 months. During this time, if the initial babysitter is not what you expected, we will replace her any time you need, with no additional costs or fees. The agency fee will be paid only once when the contract is signed.

Our agency wishes to develop long term relationships that are a benefit on both sides, for us and the family as well. We are constantly prepared to solve your requests as soon as possible and help you in your relation with the respective nanny.

Beside baby sitting or pet sitting in Bucharest, Ileana Dobre Agency helps you hire an experienced housekeeper in Bucharest as well.

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