We trust the choices that our team makes for you, and for this reason we offer a longer guarantee period when hiring a babysitter, housekeeper or oldsitter: between 6 and 12 months, depending on the package you selected.

Ileana Dobre offers recruiting services for the following activities:

> Babysitting
(children supervision, babysitter, nanny, educator)

> After-School Activities
(educator, teacher)

> Occasional Babysitting

> Intern Babysitter
(children supervision, babysitter, nanny, educator)

> Housekeeping
(house cleaning, housekeeper, cooking)

> Intern Housekeeper
(house cleaning, cooking)

> Housekeeper in Baneasa
(house cleaning, housekeeping, cooking)

> Old Sitting
(ill people or disabled people supervision)

> Pet Sitting
(pets supervision) 

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Intern Old Sitter

In time, our parents, aunts or other relatives dear to us, people that we have always relied on turn older, without realising when did this happen. They turn to depend on us until we have to take care of them completely. When this situation becomes urgent we need to solve it as soon as possible so that we will not neglect other aspects of our lives.

The solution is to find a person that takes care of the old people at home, as intern. Our team is prepared to advise you, to listen, understand and find the best solution for you.

Intern Old Sitter in Bucharest

It is very important for ill people that they can no longer walk or move, that they have an experienced old sitter who knows moving techniques when taking care of ill people, so that they won’t cause any harm or pain.

Also, the persons that we suggest to you for taking care of old persons at home, can take over other activities of the house, such as shopping, cooking, cleaning and paying bills. The old sitters have to always keep in touch with you, so that they let you know about any particular aspect that may come during the day.

Experienced old sitter

In time, we encountered a lot of situations in which the old people have to confront with an exact diagnosis or with the unpleasant sickness of old age. Our suggestions for intern old sitters are people with great experience that know when and how to involve in the life of the elder.

Taking care of old people at home implies taking over tasks for the elders hygiene, like showers and changing diapers, if needed, or managing medication, serving meals, communicating with the elder so that you keep him or her connected to reality, and if possible, taking the elder for a walk.

Intern Old Sitting with a flexible programme

The programme of old sitters may vary depending on the needs of the ill person. They may have to work a few hours a day or for a programme of 8 to 12 hours, during the day or during the night, depending on your requests. Other persons may work as interns, which is a relief for you when there is someone at home taking care of your elders.

The Agency fee for the selection of extern old sitters is 75% of the salary, and the fee for interns is 100%.

For this fees, we offer by contract a full year guarantee for counselling, a period in which you can replace the person initially selected, no matter how often you need.

Our team is waiting for you to tell us about your case and then find together the best solution for you. Contact us and you won’t regret our services for old sitting, housekeeping, baby sitting or pet sitting in Bucharest.

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