We trust the choices that our team makes for you, and for this reason we offer a longer guarantee period when hiring a babysitter, housekeeper or oldsitter: between 6 and 12 months, depending on the package you selected.

Ileana Dobre offers recruiting services for the following activities:

> Babysitting
(children supervision, babysitter, nanny, educator)

> After-School Activities
(educator, teacher)

> Occasional Babysitting

> Intern Babysitter
(children supervision, babysitter, nanny, educator)

> Housekeeping
(house cleaning, housekeeper, cooking)

> Intern Housekeeper
(house cleaning, cooking)

> Housekeeper in Baneasa
(house cleaning, housekeeping, cooking)

> Old Sitting
(ill people or disabled people supervision)

> Pet Sitting
(pets supervision) 

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Babysitting Agency for Bucharest

We are a team. We work together for every service request and for every candidate that is enlisted in our data base. We know what we look for and what a family looks for to see at a baby sitter or housekeeper.

Staff selection

1. Selection by phone

During the phone talk, we observe the way the person expresses him or herself, the fluency, the voice strength, we are interested in information about health condition and availability.

2. Interview at our offices

The interview shows personality features, general aspect and the physiognomy of the person. We are interested to understand aspects from their personal life, the relationship they have with their relatives, relationships with the families they worked for, other hobbies, the attitude they have regarding the work difficulties, personal motivation, health condition and their potential.

3. Personal file, that must contain copies of:

  • Identity card
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Employment record
  • Criminal record
  • Family doctor certificate
  • Recommendations

For the babysitter job, we recommend the following medical records:

  • pulmonary micro-radiography
  • throat culture
  • fecal bacteriology test
  • VDRL (Venereal Disease Research Laboratory)
  • HIV/AIDS test

4. Interview with the employing family

For this interview we recommend 3 persons that we choose based on the information filled in the job request. This stage will also give us information about the candidates, such as punctuality, patience, fluency, general aspect.

Ileana Dobre Babysitters and Housekeepers Recruiting Agency, Bucharest

Our experience is recommending us to our clients, a long term job that we’ve done working with children and understanding their way of thinking. The 7 years experience in baby sitters and housekeepers recruiting and placement in Bucharest is also a bonus for us in front of our clients. We enjoy working with people, and during this time we learned about this market, the evolution of the requests and the evolution of the families’ expectations. We offer advices for baby sitters and counseling for families that employ baby sitters or housekeepers.

Babysitter or Housekeeper with 1 year Guarantee

We want to keep our clients close, to maintain a permanent contact with them, we are open to any question that may come or to any discussion about the baby sitter or the housekeeper to be employed. We wish that our clients trust us.

For this reason, inside our Baby Sitter Agency we have the longest period of guarantee for the baby  sitters or housekeepers selected by us, a period of 6 or 12 months, depending on the package our client chooses (during this guarantee period out clients benefit from a limitless number of interviews and selections, whenever they need).

Baby Sitters Agency in Obor, Bucharest

The location of our agency is in the Bucur Obor area (Mosilor - Colentina), which represents a crossroad for many people in Bucharest. This area is an advantage for us and for our candidates as well, allowing us to interview a large number of people that come from all the quarters of the city.

This advantage helps us to continuously build a database, which is permanently updated, and based on it we can rapidly solve  the job requests for baby sitters or housekeepers from any area of Bucharest.

Beside the baby sitting and housekeeping recruiting services, Ileana Dobre Agency also offers recruiting and placement services for pet sitting or old sitting.


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